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Tzuyu Jihyo – Youngin and Grandma Jihyo [Cum]

Tzuyu likes getting cum facials, but Grandma Jihyo doesn’t understand the “youngins” and their bukkakaes and weird humor.

Original Image

Photoshop Files

How to Change Hair & Eyebrow Color in Photoshop

Tzuyu – Blue Hair

Original Image

The photoshop file for this image is here.

Jihyo – Pink Hair

Original Image

The photoshop file for this image is here.

How to Remove Part of an Image in Photoshop

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12-10-2021 Chaturbate Stream

Click here to view my Chaturbate Stream on Xvideos.

The Chaturbate stream was taken down toward the end of the stream. You will see so by my reaction. I plan to use YouTube to stream on starting next month. I will have emotes and some other improvements. I will announce when I stream. Of course, no nudity or cum edits/morphs will be on YouTube. I will only post edits/morphs involving nudity and cum on my website.

Morph Request 1

New morph/edit request video. I talk about the future of me streaming.

9-10-2021 Stream Video


What kinda morphs/edits do y’all want?

What morphs/edits do you want? I’ll make them on stream. You can be as specific or general as you want.