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Chana – Playing in the Water [Fake]

“Hello everyone. I have been so happy with my weight and how big I have become. I have been wanting to become this size for so many years and now feel I can live genuinely. I love waddling around and feeling my own fat jiggle and glisten in the water. Despite this confidence, I become irritated when skinny girls either become jealous of me or condemn my weight gain. When skinny girls confront me, crushing them with my massive ass always shuts them up.”

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Chana‘s Face

Original Image (8th Image)

Model: Leka Lopes

Mina – Heavy Set Butt [Butt/Hips, Fake]

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Model: Love Randalin

Chaeyoung – Let’s Go Play [Breasts/Boobs, Butt/Hips, Fake]

Original Image

Model: killastephyyy

Sana – A Fun Day with Your Sweetheart [Breasts/Boobs, Butt/Hips, Fake]

Original Image

Model: Johana Jones

Mina – Pool Table Time [Breasts/Boobs, Butt/Hips, Fake]

Original Image

Model: Hitomi Tanaka

Nayeon – Certified Whore 4 [Butt/Hips, Fake]

Original Image

Model: Liyah Mai

I like some big booty meat. I can’t get enough of Nayeon’s large butt. I was, again, walking down a street and recognized an incredible butt. I saw Nayeon’s butt jiggling in a beautifully made outfit that showed her back. I know I was going to have my hands clenched to that back soon. I approached Nayeon and said: “Hey Nayeon!”. Before Nayeon could turn around to recognize who called her, I gave her a ferocious slap on that phat booty butt. That butt slap sent ripples away from the point of contact causing the rest of her butt to jiggle magnificently. I told Nayeon to come back to my office for some personal work–Nayeon always needs to improve as a whore.

My high-tech office is equipped to train a wide variety of whores. A desk in my large office is bolted to the floor to reduce movement when whores are getting plowed. Nayeon’s wrists and ankles were cuffed to my desk for her intense training. I was giving Nayeon a good pounding for 2 hours. Nayeon was beginning to display signs of weakness. I, TwiceMaster, have limitless stamina, which means I can pound anyone for an infinite amount of time. “I think we need … to take…a break Master…” Nayeon said. I really wanted to keep smashing Nayeon’s behind, but I knew a way to get another hour out of her. I stated: “Mina could take it for 3 hours”. Nayeon became visibly irritated. Nayeon’s long luscious hair was frizzled and a complete mess. As the sweat and makeup rolled down her cheeks, she said: “Give me…one more hour Master”. I began to demolish Nayeon’s enormous backside until she squealed in relief after the additional hour transpired. I’m going to need to keep working with Nayeon to get her big booty into shape.

Jeongyeon – Is There Something You Want to Ask Me?

Original Image

Model: Jasmine Jnad

Tzuyu – Fatback [Butt/Hips, Fake, Weight Gain]

Original Image

Model: Bellassbbw / Native Pear (Mercedesbbw)

Tzuyu – A Butt with Gravitational Pull [Butt/Hips, Fake, Weight Gain]

Original Image

Model: Bellassbbw / Native Pear (Mercedesbbw)

JYP, Nayeon – JYP Presents The Widest Hips Award to Nayeon 1 [Butt/Hips, Fake]

Original Image

Models (Left to Right): Diallstar, Eudoxie Yao

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