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Jeongyeon – Face and Cheek Shot [Cum]

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Chaeyoung – Showing Off Tattoo on Instagram Live [Cum, Fake]

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Model: Mary Magdalene

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Nayeon – Got a Smirk [Cum]

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Model: Im Nayeon

Mina – Emptying Her Balls [Cum, Fake, Penis/Dick/Cock]

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Model: Aspen Brooks

Chaeyoung – Plastered [Cum]

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Son Chaeyoung

Tzuyu Jihyo – Youngin and Grandma Jihyo [Cum]

Tzuyu likes getting cum facials, but Grandma Jihyo doesn’t understand the “youngins” and their bukkakaes and weird humor.

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Dahyun – Keep that Eye Shut, More Cum is on the Way [Cum]

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Mina – What the Tongue Doing?

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Nayeon – Don’t be afraid, this BBC will take Care of You [Cum]

Dahyun – That Makeup Never Messes Up [Cum]