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Heidy Espaillat – A Little Cleavage [Butt/Hips, Breasts/Boobs]

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Model: Heidy Espaillat

Heidy Espaillat – Big Power [Butt/Hips, Breasts/Boobs]

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I’M STREAMING NOW (4/11/2022)

Mina – Break a Sweat for Me [Butt/Hips]

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Pokimane – True Thiccness [Breasts/Boobs, Butt/Hips]

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Elizabeth Monzon Sanchez – 400 Pounds [Butt/Hips]

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Phantila Fooklin – Stairway to Bootyville [Butt/Hips]

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Sara – No More Fitness [Fake, Weight Gain]

Bodybuilding is so challenging. It puts such a strain on your body and if you slip up for even a moment, all of your gains disappear. I slowly have been exercising and going to the gym less and less over the last months. I could not help but wonder what life would be like as a bigger more beautiful person. I started to gain weight and truly began liking how I looked. While I was buying some yummy food to eat at a grocery store, someone came up to me and said: “What is a big beautiful person like yourself doing here today?”. This fan later began to spoil me rotten for just fat. I love being a fat bimbo that is spoiled by thousands of people. The wild thing is that the same people who like my muscular physique love my fat physique even more!

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Model: Diana

Kristina Kim – The Fun of Being Huge [Fake, Weight Gain]

Lately, I have been enjoying doing more mukbangs– but without the camera. It has been so much fun to eat whatever I want whenever I want. I love letting myself go and ordering piles of food at restaurants without worrying so much about what others think. Nevertheless, I am competing with Chanderland. Chanderland is 100 lbs heavier than me and I want to be the heaviest internet personality. I hope my fans will continue to support me in gaining weight to be the ultimate BBW.

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Model: Natalie

Chana – Playing in the Water [Fake]

“Hello everyone. I have been so happy with my weight and how big I have become. I have been wanting to become this size for so many years and now feel I can live genuinely. I love waddling around and feeling my own fat jiggle and glisten in the water. Despite this confidence, I become irritated when skinny girls either become jealous of me or condemn my weight gain. When skinny girls confront me, crushing them with my massive ass always shuts them up.”

Chana‘s Instagram

Chana‘s Face

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Model: Leka Lopes