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Nayeon – Trick or Nut Happy: Halloween 2021 [Cum]

TWICE members gather fresh cum!

Nayeon – Make some Noise [Butt/Hips]

Nayeon – Yeah, I know they’re big [Breasts/Boobs, Fake]

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Model: Demora Avarice

Dahyun – Classic Dubu Lips [Lips]

Nayeon – Ready for a kiss [Lips]

Nayeon – A Smile with Some Hips [Butt/Hips]

Nayeon – Unnie’s Cheek is ready for Cum [Cum]

From my August 7, 2021 stream.

Jeongyeon, Nayeon – Like working with Big Chocolate Dicks [Butt/Hips, Breasts/Boobs, Penis/Dick/Cock]

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Models: Skylar Vox/Dylann Vox (Left), Gabbie Carter (Right)

Nayeon – Certified Whore 3 [Butt/Hips, Fake]

I was walking down the street on a calm evening after picking up a crispy chicken sandwich and French fries. I had my bag of food and was on my way home to eat. I didn’t want to eat inside of the restaurant, because I wanted to eat while watching some YouTube videos and/or anime. I was walking down the street and noticed some big object in front of me. I had to look twice and do a “double look”– you know, when you have to glance twice at something due to seeing something a bit unbelievable. I saw someone walking in front of me with a gigantic-behind butt! I certainly saw two large blueberries jiggling around in a divine pair of leggings. This person’s huge butt reminded me of my butt, although not as big. I like all types of butts: small, big, huge, stiff, firm, jiggly. I even like feeling up on some nice butts. I quickly walked up to this person and grabbed their butt.

I saw someone’s innocent beautiful face. It was Nayeon. As soon as I noticed it was Nayeon she slapped the crap out of me. I spun around two times before I fell to the ground. Before I could say anything, Nayeon picked me up with both of her arms and slammed me against a brick wall. “What do you think you’re doing you piece of crap!” she said. I told her that I was mesmerized by her large tushy and wanted to recruit her into my company. She was about to punch me in the face until I told her I was Mina’s boss. Mina, of course, was talking about me to the other TWICE members but Nayeon was not aware of my appearance. After I told Nayeon this, her demeanor changed. “I’m so sorry” she said while placing me gently on the ground. “I didn’t mean to cause trouble; nevertheless, you know better than to grab someone’s butt!”. I knew better but did not want to miss the opportunity to recruit another TWICE member. Image…all of TWICE working for TwiceMaster! I asked Nayeon if she ever thought about putting her butt to good use.

“What do you mean?”. “I mean, I want you to work for me and become a big booty star”. I could tell Nayeon was excited because she turned around and brushed against me with her huge butt. “What do you mean be a big booty star Master?”. “I want you to become one of my whores–a certified whore”. I explained to her what a certified whore was and that it shouldn’t be difficult for her. I knew Nayeon was a whore anyway from speaking to Mina. Nayeon said “Can we do it right now Master?”; I didn’t think she would be willing to do it immediately (Mina at least waited a day to prepare herself). I told her that I’d be willing to do it right now in front of all the passersby. Nayeon went ahead and backed her fat tushy on me, bent over, and stated “Hurry up, I want to go ahead and make some money on the side doing something fun”. Those two colossal blueberries were leaning against my crotch. I went ahead and pulled down Nayeon’s tight blue leggings, started an hour timer on my wristwatch, and started my work. Nayeon’s butt was firm yet squishy. I definitely will want to work with Nayeon in the future. Her backside felt immaculate. The sound of brisk pounding sounded like a beautiful harmony. People were walking by commenting and shouting all types of things: “Dang I wish I had a hyper-sized butt like that.”, “Dang, you hump fast!”, “You’re doing a good job! Hump the crap out of that gigantic butt!”, and “So y’all just gone do this in the street…”. I was squeezing onto Nayeon’s hips tight since I did not want her to go anywhere. I really had to work hard for this Whore Certification test. Sweat was rolling down my face. Pounding such big booties all the time will give anyone incredible humping stamina. Then I heard the alarm sound. When the sound hit my eardrum I knew I had to give the crowd a stupendous orgasm. I yelled: “Here it is”. Whilst having the orgasm, my legs were twitching like a jackrabbit. I know I had to finish up with Nayeon, but my body just wanted to keep grinding up with such a divine being. It felt good to work with someone with such a large butt that is also willing to be spontaneous.

“You’re done. You’re one of my whores now Nayeon!”. Nayeon gave me a hug and a light push on the shoulder. I could tell she was more aggressive than Mina and liked to play. After that, she gave me a very hard smack on the butt and said: “Thanks Master. I’ll come to pick up my Certification Card tomorrow”. How did she know to pick it up tomorrow? I guess Mina told her. Nayeon entered the office and had her picture taken for her card by a member of my staff. Nayeon was bestowed a Whore Certification that few on this planet can obtain. I am very pleased to have Nayeon work for me. Nayeon came into my office to show me that she received her Whore Certification Card. I congratulated her before she went off to work with a customer. As she was walking out I gave her a firm smack on her tushy since she is my whore as well–not just the customers. Nayeon gave me that innocent look again similar to when I first saw her and said: “One of these days I’m gonna pound your fat butt Master!”.

Original Image

Model: Liyah Mai

Nayeon, Momo – Big and Bodacious [Butt/Hips]