Sara – No More Fitness [Fake, Weight Gain]

Bodybuilding is so challenging. It puts such a strain on your body and if you slip up for even a moment, all of your gains disappear. I slowly have been exercising and going to the gym less and less over the last months. I could not help but wonder what life would be like as a bigger more beautiful person. I started to gain weight and truly began liking how I looked. While I was buying some yummy food to eat at a grocery store, someone came up to me and said: “What is a big beautiful person like yourself doing here today?”. This fan later began to spoil me rotten for just fat. I love being a fat bimbo that is spoiled by thousands of people. The wild thing is that the same people who like my muscular physique love my fat physique even more!

Original Face 1

Original Face 2

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Model: Diana

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