My Twitter is Gone [Miscellaneous]

My Twitter account was suspended a few days ago. I was frustrated when I learned that it happen. People who create morphs/edits, fakes, and deepfakes (when legal) are often ostracized and removed from a number of platforms–even when it does not infringe upon the terms of the platform(s). This certainly is an example to not “put too many eggs in one basket” or put all your resources into a single conduit. I’m not frustrated any more because I know I should always have my website. I will not make another Twitter account, since I am sure it will be suspended at some point. Some people on Twitter are wild and will report any and everything they don’t like. I will just be using this website, Deviantart, and Instagram. I will post more things on DeviantArt since I am allowed to post fakes there. If I continue to grow my website, thousands of people are bound to visit my website daily. I just have to keep going and feel the flow!


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